Time is Money

Recently it was reported across UK mainstream media that Jordan Cox, MoneySavingExpert’s ‘Coupon Kid’, had found it cheaper to fly home rather than get the train. To get to Sheffield, from Essex he flew via Berlin. 

In the UK it’s rare to fly anywhere nationally and the expectation is that it will be expensive. So when he went so far out of his way to save a few pounds, it was a popular, lighthearted story across the country.

He had a 7 hour trip to Berlin and made a day of it.

All this is great, but if he’d been in a rush he couldn’t have flown home for such a small amount of cash.

The message the UK media portrayed was that trains are over priced. But the real message was, ‘Time is Money’. If you have the time you can usually find a cheaper (if not less convenient way) of achieving something.

What are you paying extra for because you need it fast?

In a time when everyone is rushing around and things are done last minute, it’s important to ask what lack of time is costing you?

  • Do you work so hard you don’t have time to shop around?
  • Do you always have late payment fee’s because your time is packed with more work to pay off the late fee’s?
  • Are you working punishing hours to pay for something you don’t have time to even enjoy?

Learning to slow down and to seek value from your time is one of the basics of personal development.

So today, step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself, ‘Is what I’m doing of value to me?’

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Let's all stop working harder and harder, to buy things we don'd need, to impress people we don't like!


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