Smartphone Addiction: Ditch Your Phone!

Smartphone Addiction: Kicking The Habit

Today I bought myself a Nokia 215, it makes calls and does text’s and that’s about it! I’m swapping it for my fancy Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 because I have a smartphone addiction and I recommend you do what I did to see if it’s time you started living your life again!

Discovering My Smartphone Addiction

Obviously I had an idea I was spending more of my life looking down at my phone rather than living in the real world. But in December I downloaded and app called UBhind and what I found out was stunning:

My Phone Usage – Month By Month


Month Time Spent on Phone
January 5 days 12 hours 56 minutes
February 5 days 10 hours 55 minutes
March 5 days 9 hours 57 minutes
April 4 days 13 hours 34 minutes


We are 18 days into May and I have already spent 3 days 21 hours and 2 minutes on my phone. I have spent nearly one month out of five on my phone this year, this isn’t living!

You should do this to, I never dreamed I was spending this much time looking at a tiny screen, until started my monitoring it!

It’s Cold Turkey Time!

I’ve tried in the past to cut down my use, but it’s near impossible. With a constant flow of new information and notifications I couldn’t escape.

I’ve ditched my smartphone in the past and I remember how freeing it felt.

So tomorrow is Day Zero. I’m moving all my essential information across to my brick phone, transferring my photos to my computer and taking down any important information on my phone. Tomorrow I will discard of my smartphone and start a fresh!

I’m excited, I’m giving myself 5 full days extra time per month. I’ll say that again 5 full days of extra time per month! 

Sure, I’ll still waste some of this time and a very small percentage was probably spent on useful things anyway – but not enough to justify all that time.

Now It’s Your Turn

So if you are reading this because you are worried your head is down in your phone more than it’s up in the real world, why not begin monitoring your own usage? Or jump straight in and swap out your smartphone for an old fashioned brick phone today!

I’ll keep this up-to-date on how I’m doing, I genuinely believe reliance on technology and smartphone addiction is causing a lot of people to suffer and it’s time to start the fight back.

Good luck if you join me – you are not alone!

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