This Smartpen will Replace all your Old Pens

At Geared Success we talk a lot about creating a paperless office. However if you write down a lot of information, you’d be forgiven for thinking going paperless was an impossibility. That’s probably because you haven’t been introduced to the Livescribe Smartpen.

What is a Livescribe Smartpen?

Livescribe Smartpen

Livescribe smartpens are normal pens – ink comes out and makes marks on paper! However a Livescribe pen also takes this information and sends it to a smartphone or tablet. It also records audio, syncing with the words that where being written as it was recorded.

Once synced with a smartphone, tablet or PC, a searchable file is created. Allowing the user to search through notes quickly and effectively. Having this functionality makes it very easy to share information with friends or colleagues if required.

How does it work?

Livescirbe smartpen dot paper
Livescirbe paper has tiny dots, communicating with pens on-board camera.


The smartpen requires a special paper with tiny (almost invisible) dots on it, a camera of the pen tracks your movements across the paper. The pen knows when you have applied pressure to it, tracking only what you write.

The audio recording function works in sync with your writing, so after a meeting you can play back the conversation from what you were writing at the time.

Who is it useful for?

Livescribe App
Students, freelancers and office workers can all make use of Livescribe and it’s smart pen application.

Already adopted by university students, who’ve been fast to see it’s benefits, Livescribe smartpens are useful for any profession were accurate note taking is important.

If you have stacks of notes on your desk, this pen is for you. It will allow you to throwaway old notes – safe in the knowledge you have an searchable archive on the cloud.

It is simple to use and works as a normal pen. This means if someone jots a number down with your pen in the office, it won’t ruin your notes.

How much is a Livescirbe Smartpen?

The starter kit  is £127.00 with free delivery. It comes with one pen cartridge and a 50 sheet notes book. A pack of four note books works out at £19.95 and a five pack of ink cartridges are £4.75.

The notes books are 80 sheets each, and from experience the ink cartridges seem to last for two to three note pads.

If your notes are important or sensitive this pen will pay for itself. It will allow you to dispose of notes safe in the knowledge you have copies.

It will also offer you the added functionality of being able to record your meetings to refer back to later.

Pete says:

This pen has become an essential for me. I’m disorganised by nature and this allows me to search through my notes quickly. It’s saved me a fortune as I’ve been able to reference back to things I would have otherwise lost!

Livescribe smartpens were available on the high street (in the UK) for a short time. However they are now only available online. I bought my upgraded (Livescribe 3) pen from Amazon.


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