Open Editing Policy

The internet is amazing, information once locked in libraries or universities is available to everyone! It allows average people like me to have a say, but best of all its quick and easily changed. This is were print media falls down, you can’t change it easily once it’s printed and it’s difficult to distribute.

My Open Editing Policy

This isn’t job, but I love writing. I also like to get my ideas out fast, if I write a draft and leave it to long – it never gets posted.

So my articles usually aren’t up to journalistic standards, but I’d like them to be. That’s why at the end of each article I write ‘Open Editing’ (linking to this page), I then write all the things I would like to change, add or improve.

This means when I have time to come back to them later on, I remember what I need to improve. It’s also a great way of acknowledging to readers that I know what I have isn’t perfect!

It also allows the reader to improve the article with me if they are passionate.

Please Copy Open Editing

I would love to see others copy me! It’s nice to see that the writer wants to improve things and it’s also a great way of lifting the standards of content quality online.

I’m a little bit of a blog reading addict and I often read pretty poor quality work, that with a little bit of time could be a great read.

Let me know if you take on the idea for your own blog!

Open Editing

  • Spelling, punctuation check.
  • Featured image add.
  • Reread at later date.

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