Huel Review – What It’s Really Like

Huel shaker and food bags
A weeks supply of Huel along with bottle. There is a free t shirt as well, but it's already in the wash!

Over Christmas there seemed to be a flurry of adverts on my Facebook feed for Huel. Having read a lot about Soylent type foods,  I was interested to give it a go.

What Exactly is Huel?

A cup of prepared huel. A powder based food source.
One cup of freshly blended Huel.

Huel is essentially a powdered food, the idea behind it is that you can get all the nutrients (both macro and micro) your body needs through drinking this alone.

It’s made up predominantly of oats,  pea protein and brown rice protein but also has added ingredients to ensure it is nutritionally balanced.

It’s available on the Huel website or on Amazon.

What Does It Taste Like?

an open bag of huel
This is how it looks when you open the bag. A lot like a protein shake.

The best way I can describe the taste is comforting. (I’ve only tried the vanilla flavoured and not the unsweetened so far). It’s very oaty, not dissimilar to porridge but it doesn’t feel like you are drinking porridge.

In a food blender the texture is thick,  but smooth. If you used a protein shaker accept a few lumps and bumps. However, they aren’t unpalatable.

Best way to try it.

Before I invested in a weeks worth of powder, I opted for a small sample sachet. This is a good way to decide like it. The cost of the sachet is refundable.

Which reminds me,  I need to get my £4 back as I forgot last time.

Does it get boring eating/ drinking the same thing over and over?

If you’ve ever drank protein shake regularly, you’ve probably found yourself bored of the taste and dreading the next. Surprisingly Huel isn’t like this,  it doesn’t become a chore to drink. I have yet to have a ‘Huel only’  day but have found in the past week or so it has become breakfast and lunch with no issues. In fact I find myself looking forward to it.

Why bother with Huel?

I wanted to try it because my diet during the week is poor. I forget to eat in work, hit a sugar crash and then end up craving junk.

The carbs in Huel have a low glycemic index, which means you won’t have spikes and crashes of sugar. The lack of sugar crashes has been very noticeable. My focus has improved and I find I only crave junk on the days I forget to take my Huel to work.

What do you get for your money?

Huel shaker and food bags
A weeks supply of Huel along with bottle. There is a free t shirt as well, but it’s already in the wash!

Huel seem pretty keen on branding and community your firsproper order (not the sample), cones with a free to shirt and your scoop for measuring. Along with two big bags of Huel (2 x 1. 7kg, I think!)

If you need future a scoop in the future,  you have to request it.  They say this is to do with saving the environment but I think saving on cost may also be a motivation.

Does it cost much to use Huel?

It’s marketed as a cost effective food source. At £45 for a weeks food (based on 2000 calories a day) it really isn’t badly priced.

The way I looked at it was I was spending £7 a day just on lunch in tesco, 6 days a week, that’s almost the whole cost covered and I’m getting enough food for a week.

Should you try Huel?

There’s not a lot loose picking up a sample bag. But I personally wouldn’t jump in to buying a full week unless your comfortable with the taste and texture.  I’ve been pretty impressed so far and can see this becoming at least a regular breakfast and lunch food. I’ll be trying a week on Huel alone soon.





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