Huel now has Gluten Free Option

Huel shaker and food bags
A weeks supply of Huel along with bottle. There is a free t shirt as well, but it's already in the wash!

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a review about Huel. It’s something I have been keen to revisit as I’d written the review after only a short period of using it. The release of a gluten free version is a perfect oppurtunity to do this. 

Huel now has a Gluten Free Option

Huel is a powdered food, made up largely of oats, pea protein and brown rice protein. Although non of those foods contain gluten, cross contamination with other crops means they can contain small levels of gluten. If you suffer from Celiac disease this could be a problem.

However the gluten free market is also growing with non-celiacs, leaving gluten behind for perceived health benefits.

I bought a weeks supply of Huel (gluten free) to see what the difference was.

Huel Original Vs. Huel Gluten Free

Taste – I always order the vanilla version. There was no taste difference between the ‘original’ and ‘gluten free’

In fact there was no noticeable difference between the two what so ever! Apart from one thing…

Huel Gluten Free Cost

The gluten free alternative costs more. On their website, Huel explain this by saying:

To ensure oats are gluten free you have to create a separate supply chain, e.g. they must be grown in fields far away from wheat, etc, and transported in lorries that don’t carry gluten. As you can imagine this increases the cost of the oats significantly.

For the standard 28 meal pack Huel ‘original’ costs £45.00, or £1.61 per meal. Whilst Huel ‘Gluten Free’ costs £50.00 for the 28 meal pack or £1.79 per meal. Going gluten free adds 17 pence per meal. Compared to other ‘gluten free’ foods available this isn’t a big jump.

Whether it is worth the extra depends on how gluten effects you. It may be that cross contamination isn’t an issue for you, or it is something you haven’t considered before.

Including the option does however show Huel are looking to expand on the work they have already done.

Long Term Huel Use

A quick update if you read my original post on Huel. I’ve been using it as a quick, healthy option for breakfast and lunch for some time. I still like how easy it is to use but there are a couple of things I have learned:

  • Huel is much nicer blended – using the Huel shaker often leaves it a little lumpy.
  • If you put the powder in before the water is sticks to the sides of your cup.

They  are the two things I would tell anyone thinking of using Huel. Keep this in mind and it will become easy to maintain Huel as part of your diet.

The taste is still as it was, just fine! It doesn’t get boring but it isn’t the most exciting. If like me you don’t live for food, it offers a cheap and healthier option to other quick and easy foods.

Want to know more? Get in touch and ask me!

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