Huel now has Gluten Free Option

31st May 2016 Pete 0

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a review about Huel. It’s something I have been keen to revisit as I’d written the review after only a short period of using it. The release […]

What Is Spoon Theory?

27th May 2016 Pete 0

You may have seen references to ‘Spoon Theory’ or #spoonie online. Especially if you suffer from an illness that causes low stamina. If like me you wondered what everyone was talking about this should answer […]

Work Smart, Not Hard!

25th May 2016 Pete 4

As someone who suffers from both ADHD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’ve spent years finding ways to do less work without lowering my output. These aren’t just things for ADHDers or the chronically fatigued, they are […]

Adult ADD and ADHD

19th May 2016 Pete 2

I was recently diagnosed as having ADHD – coming to this diagnosis as an adult was difficult but life changing. There are plenty of resources for younger people with ADHD but very limited information for […]

Are You An Internet Addict?

13th February 2016 Pete 0

Are You An Internet Addict? Are you spending increasing amounts of time in front of your PC, phone or tablet screen? Are you getting less done than ever? Is your need to check things online […]

How Do I Get My Medical Records?

27th January 2016 Pete 1

There are numerous reasons why you may want to see your own medical records. You may have an ongoing illness, you need to refresh your memory on a previous condition or you might just be curious! Whatever […]

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