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Everyone loves something for nothing! So if you’re looking for a free logo read on!

Free Logo Design from 48hourslogo

This probably sounds like some lousy gimmick, something I’ve been asked to write – but it really isn’t! The other day I was looking for ideas to make Geared Success look a little more professional without spending to much. That when I found ‘’. 

At first I thought it was abit to good to be true -they’d want something for this! But the site is actually a job interview. They use the site to give prospective logo designers a chance to show off their skill set.

The Results Were Impressive

I sent them my brief, along with a link to the site and after a couple of days they came back with these logos:

my favourite logo
This was my favourite! And now the new Geared Success Logo.

one of the free logo designs another free logo design another logo design

Looking back my brief wasn’t much help; ‘Black with perhaps a small amount of orange. I like modern logos but very open to ideas!’. So I was pleased that a few of the designers had really taken time to think about the site and concept and come back to me with this integrated into their design.

One of them was spot on for what I was looking for and I’ve adopted it as my new logo. As you’re not paying for this service it’s unlikely designers will make alterations to a logo – but it’s always worth asking.

People always want to impress at job interviews – which means although there is no guarantee you will get the logo you want, you know the designers will be working to impress.

What I love about this is that it can breathe some life into your site or project even if you’re on a tight budget. It’s worth pointing out that you have to have an active website or blog to qualify for a free logo.

I’ve already begun integrating the new branding into the site (see the icon on the tab bar) and I’ll continue by using it through all our social media and on the website.



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