Time is Money

15th June 2016 Pete 0

Recently it was reported across UK mainstream media that Jordan Cox, MoneySavingExpert’s ‘Coupon Kid’, had found it cheaper to fly home rather than get the train. To get to Sheffield, from Essex he flew via […]

This Smartpen will Replace all your Old Pens

1st June 2016 Pete 1

At Geared Success we talk a lot about creating a paperless office. However if you write down a lot of information, you’d be forgiven for thinking going paperless was an impossibility. That’s probably because you haven’t […]

Work Smart, Not Hard!

25th May 2016 Pete 4

As someone who suffers from both ADHD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’ve spent years finding ways to do less work without lowering my output. These aren’t just things for ADHDers or the chronically fatigued, they are […]

How to Get a Free Logo Design

17th May 2016 Pete 0

Everyone loves something for nothing! So if you’re looking for a free logo read on! Free Logo Design from 48hourslogo This probably sounds like some lousy gimmick, something I’ve been asked to write – but […]

A Co-Operative Energy Company

18th February 2016 Pete 0

Today the BBC reported that British Gas profits have increased by 31%, this got me thinking about an idea I’ve often considered but don’t have the expertise to pursue. A Co-Operative Energy Company. A Brief […]