Geared Success is genuine self help. It’s for real people with real goals.

The other day my car broke, I turned a corner an my gear stick went lose. I couldn’t change gear, I had to stop. I was at the foot of a hill and the only gear I could get into was third – I revved my engine high and went for it. To my surprise my car started to judder forward! For around 3 seconds I thought I could get my car moving and get to a garage. Then smoke started to pour out of my engine and my clutch burned out.

This is just like every self help/ self improvement article or book I have ever read. They begin with a presumption that you have all the capabilities to be successful and you are told to start your engine and get going. You make a little bit of progress from the advice and then come to a depressing halt often with less than you went in with.

Geared Success is about starting in the right gear and building momentum. It is about accepting the capabilities of your own engine, learning to drive it efficiently and then tuning it.

No False Hope: If you can’t sing you won’t win X-factor!

I can’t tell you that you will achieve everything you set your mind to. It’s unfair.

But learning to understand your own capability and how to use it to the best of your ability will allow you grow and improve. Once you understand your own limitations, you can set realistic and fulfilling goals.

What Next?

There’s a lot more to read about the Geared Success Method here. The article looks at starting with a good base and building up to your goals. Or take a look at the front page of the blog where the newest posts live!

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